Innovations: Using dynamic data for Advertising

March 2016

Creating dynamic advertising by using the raspberry pi to collect environmental data and manipulate a final image

I created an alternative method of advertising which uses environmental dynamic data to manipulate a final image for my university innovations project. The raspberry pi is used as a web server and connected to LDR and thermometer sensors which send environmental data online, for Maya to render a final image for an advert that incorporates that data. The result is an effective advertising technique – it bridges the virtual and physical environments between the viewer and the advert. Unlike modern case studies, the image is excitably unique on every render, and tactfully assumes a viewer’s cravings/ desires for the purpose of target advertising. See the images below for the process of how it was made.

I was shortlisted for the Pitch on the Pitch competition, 2016. My submission is shown here, giving a simple overview of the product: Ansell_Ellie_Product_Pitch

My innovations report shows in detail how I made the project: Ansell_Ellie_InnovationsReport