Rigging: Fern leaf, cloud rig, face and prop

 8th August 2015

Unfurling Fern Leaf

A very manageable furling fern leaf inspired by time-lapse footage of a growing fern. The leaf can be resized, curl tightly or less by manipulating the IK/FK control and further animated using blend shapes. This was a self- assigned project to test how to replicate realistic motion in animation simply and easily with the rig.

March 2015

Rigging Old-man Cloud

Cloud Rig
Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 08.07.23
Rendered view

As the cloud was constantly hovering, I used a sine wave expression on the joints in his arms as inspired by a fish tutorial, so they would wiggle indefinitely. Joints and careful weight painting was used on his face, as well as a lattice deformer for his bushy eye brows.

(Texturing: Elizabeth Peach, Bournemouth University.)

March 2015

Folding Envelope

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 08.09.29

Using cluster curves as inspired by a tentacle rig tutorial by Digital Tutors, I repeated a variation of this rig for a piece of paper (shown in rendered cloud image earlier). It folded and bent so it could be animated drifting to the floor.

March 2015

Facial Rig

Facial Rig

I used joints and careful weight painting, then added controls suitably as well as additional blend shapes for the character’s facial expressions. It was definitely a learning curve – I wasn’t very good at weight painting at first, so the results were quite horrific – I finally improved and had some extra fun with some sassy blend-shapes!  I intend to do a face rig again sometime with better results, as I found some joints could have been better placed, and everything could generally be neatened.


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