Specialist: Architecture Visualisation

March 2015

Modern House Design inspired by Traditional Eastern Architecture

A modern spin of a house design inspired by traditional Korean Architecture. Designed, modelled, lit and rendered with Vray for my 2nd year specialist assignment – but unfortunately not textured, so minus points on that part.

The office

The design used traditional Korean spatial concepts, such as a central garden that could be accessed by a large communal area looking unto it. The bedrooms are privatised by being placed at the back of the house, accessible via a hallway which leads to an open office with a glass roof and large windows and door accessing a levelled patio with stairs to the garden. Any part of the house can be accessed quickly, and thought was taken to situate the rooms to receive a lot of light.

I rendered using Vray and additionally used Vray fur for the grass which gave good results. I used Vray materials and it was a case of adjusting the parameters until fit, although results varied, and IES lights for the lighting as well as a sun and directional lighting for daylight as standard, and could change its position to show the time of day.


Although I was proud of the design, I’d like to repeat a similar project but focus on modelling and lighting solely. It would have been advantageous to texture this myself rather than use downloaded materials, too, but they were merely to depict the wooden, metal and white furnishings.